Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wicca Furniture!

Herbal Magick
I cant say enough about Herbal Magick accept that I think they spelled magick wrong. Does it have a "c" in it? This store has everything you need to cast spells and stuff. They have herbs Ive never even heard of like blam of gilead, ocotillo extract, and basil. I used this stuff to help Gramma get up in the morning. She's a late riser. The lady their is really nice and likes to tell you about stuff of which she knows alot of. Incense too! If you need anything to cast spells with or cook something of, than go to Herbal Magick. Magik - yeah!



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Car Rental - Engage!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Lockport, NY
I cant say enough about Enterprise Rent A Car. They have cars there for rent, and lots! The best thing about it is that its next to Tasty Treat ice cream place. The people their are nice (at Enterprise, not Tasty Treat. Actually, their pretty nice there to. At Tasty Treat, I mean.) When I brought my car back they were very helpful to find out from where the smell was coming from. A piece of advise: always throw out your old McDonalds bags before they start to smell. Aspecially if you dont eat all the burger.

Pros: Cars for rent 
Cons: No cash refunds


A Billion Chinese Factory Workers Cant All Be Wrong!

Walmart - Lockport, NY
I cant say enough about Wal-Mart. Im glad someone finally put all those locally owned stores out of business. I hated to have to go to different stores and support my local economy. What a drag. Now I can go to Wal-Mart and see all those former store owners working for minimum wage. When I go to Wal-Mart I feel right at home. My bathroom smells too. My only complint is that the employees talked down to me like I was inferior or something and I cant see how I was. Wal-Mart - bleah.

BJ's and the Bear!

BJ's Wholesale Club - Amherst, NY
I cant say enough about BJs. They have all sort of bulk stuffs like beans and towles and tuna fish and tires and dvd's and toys and candy and food and ketchup and pickles. We go through alot of mayonayse on Saturdays so I need to buy it in bulk and in large quantities. I heard these warehouse places can be dangerous if a giant pile of Welch's grape jelly falls on your head, but Ive never had a problem. I did see an unusual purple stain on the floor once. BJ's - yeah!


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Frey's Tasty Treat - Lockport, NY
I cant say enough about Tasty Treat! I was going there every day for their great ice cream treats like cones and milk shakes and bananana splits and those swirlie things and dips and sandwiches and ice cream in a cone. Gramma says ice cream isnt good for you so I dont bring my kids. I leave Twizzlers in a paper bag at home for them in a bag. There ice cream is delicious but for the past couple of months everytime I go there its closed. Maybe they could be open more? Ice cream - Yum!

Pro: tasty good ice cream 
Con: Not open now

Bumbles love ice cream!

Big Many Much!

Big Lots - Lockport, NY
I cant say enough about Big Lots. They sure are big and have lots of stuff! Gramma likes to buy her food there, but I wouldnt. She fell asleep on one of there chairs in the furniture area once and I had a hard time waking her up. For a minute I wass afraid she was dead! The employees were really nice about it when they found out she wasnt. If you need lots of stuff try Big Lots, even if the stuff you need isnt big.

Have you "herd" about our great savings?

King Kong!

Hong Kong Buffet - Lockport, NY
I cant say enough about Hong Kong Buffet. Not only do they have alot of food, but chopsticks! It would be nice if they had some more American food like spagetti and tacos and than it would be more like a real buffet. It would be nice to if the people working their spoke more American. I cant understand them! Egg rolls - YUM!

Pro: You can take as manny plates as you want! 
Con: Too much chinese food (what kind of ribs ARE those?)

PS - They say on their menu and in the paper that they're oprn untill 11 on Saturday nite, but they don't have food after 9:45.  True story.

"Buffet, m'kay?"